The exotic room…


I found this on Pinterest of Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco. I am absolutely smitten with this wallpaper.  I love that wallpaper has made its reappearance back on the scene again. It can create such a beautiful and intimate space in a room and becomes an obvious focal point always taking center stage. The furniture and decor chosen to decorate the room, must not compete with the wallpaper, but rather compliment it. That being said, here are some statement pieces of furniture that would look fabulous in your exotic room.

I am drooling over this pied-à-terre sofa, Judarn from Anthropolgie.

This Majorcan Garden Wallpaper exudes a gorgeous color palette, that even in those long winter months, will still warm a room.

The banana palm pillow is a must for dressing up your exotic room. Available in three different sizes a gorgeous piece.

This eclectic lot of lighting choices is perfect for the exotic room.


The Lombok buffet.

And last but not least, the Pari Rattan Daybed, because every exotic room needs an accent of rattan in some shape or form.

There are so many more pieces I could capture here. To inquire further on my design consulting and style services I offer please feel free to email me at ~Thank you and much love! Hayley







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