What to Pack For London in Winter

What to Pack For London

My daughter and I are taking off in a couple of weeks to head over to London and the Hampshire countryside. Since it has been forever and a day since I have traveled internationally, I feel I need to reeducate myself on how to prepare and properly pack for an overseas trip. I thought I might as well document this for anyone else in a similar situation (which I hope you are because traveling is the coolest thing ever!).  I decided to create a fun visual collage to give you an idea of what packing for a week in London looks like during the winter months. As a fashion lover, it is very important for me to look good and feel good when I am traveling so this another reason why I find visual packing collages like this help us fashionistas when preparing for any trip big or small. Do keep in mind that you will most likely be accumulating clothing purchases while on your trip so, if you have a budget for spending, pack less because you will acquiring  more.

Basically, for a week of travel, I created: 6 day outfits, 3 going out outfits and a workout outfit (which can also be considered a day outfit). This further breaks down, for 1 week of travel to:

  1. 4 Pairs of Pants (throw in a pair of leggings as well) (also I did not add skirts or dresses for day use if you want to add these, take away a pair of pants for each one you add.)
  2. 8 Shirts – this is a combo of t-shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses and tops. *Remember to bring pieces that not only layer, because it will be cold, but that compliment each other. This is another reason why I stuck with a neutral color theme in winter for this very reason: Blacks, grays, whites, navy blue, reds  camel tan, etc. Also throw in a couple of tank tops for layering. 
  3. 2-3 Coats and JacketsLet me emphasize here that I strongly believe an essential travel chic jacket item to always take is a black leather jacket. On top of that, to truly get that London look, I threw in a Burberry trench and added one more warm jacket for trolloping around in the countryside, which we will be doing.  Obviously, make sure one of these outwear pieces translates  over to your going out in evening look. 
  4. Shoes (and this is where a number gets a little tricky for me because I love shoes) – Try and pack no more than 6-7 pairs of shoes. Ideally 4-5 would be best (oh and I forgot- throw in a pair of cheap flip-flops or slippers for lounging around your hotel room). In this collage I have 2 fun heeled boots, a practical low-heeled boot for countryside walkabouts, a flat pair of fashionable sneakers, 1-2 pairs of heels for late excursions and a pair of workout shoes.
  5. A night out 2-3 outfits – This is one of my favorite parts about traveling: seeing the nightlife, enjoying good restaurants and living it up! As they say, “When in Rome…” so you want to look good. You can always just pack one nice LBD (little black dress) but I guarantee you will want at least two going out outfits and heels, purse and jewelry to go with.
  6. 1 workout outfit -include for winter, leggings, sports bra, jacket, layering top, shoes, gloves and hat (if you like). I personally would just wear a beanie. 
  7. AccessoriesInclude here: sunglasses, gloves, scarves, hats, purses and jewelry. Since these things are small and lightweight, you can add a few extra here or not. I personally think one shoulder bag is enough. 
  8. The Miscellaneous Goods Lingerie, socks, ***swimsuit (always bring no matter what time of year it is), sleepwear, tights and hosiery, toiletries (don’t forget sunscreen), hair products, perfume, vitamens/ medications (however these should be put in your carry-on), makeup and hair appliances (don’t bring too much and bring an adapter!!) also, consider many hotels already have hair dryers waiting for you.  Now I am pretty sure that is everything but will revise if I think of more. 
For your carry-on: First of all, check with your airline to see what your baggage allowance is. I know for Air Canada, in which we will be flying, we are allowed one piece of luggage for check-in, one carry-on and a purse. I am going to try and cheat here because not only do I need my purse, but I need to bring my laptop for blogging and I need a small carry on. 
NUMBER ONE THING!!! Don’t forget your passport and and all your airline ticket info and check-in info and all appropriate ID’s, credit cards, driver’s license etc. Without this, you won’t be going anywhere. I always quadruple check this- better to feel you are going crazy doing so rather than to forget and then really go crazy!
So What’s in my Carry-On Bag?:
1. Always an extra change of clothes, in the event that the airline loses your luggage (Please No!).
2. Passport (with a nice holder), tickets, ID’s, credit cards etc.
3. ****Adapter for your phone, computer and hair appliances. For England you will need an United Kingdom/ HK Grounded Adaptor Plug. I bought mine at my local AAA office.
4. A set of toiletries (in case your luggage gets lost), toothbrush set with toothpaste and floss, face stuff, chapstick etc. Remember though, all must be put in a separate plastic ziplock bag and can be no larger than 100ml or 3.4 ounces. Hand Lotion too, very important… don’t forget. Here’s a good link right here explaining this better:
5. Prescription medications and vitamins. Pack in an air travel vitamin container.
6. Sunglasses, reading glasses and contact lens stuff.
7. A wireless charger for your phone- totally worth the investment.
8. Headphones
9. Eye mask, ear plugs, socks, scarf, sweater.
10. Notepads, pens, book, iPad, travel guides.
11. Snacks, gum.
12. Hair Elastics, Painkillers and eyedrops if needed.
13. Anything small that is really valuable (like jewelry) carry one with you. My friend had all of her jewelry stolen coming back from the Caribbean in JFK airport. Not a very cool experience.
Well I hope this helps. I know it helps me. Above all… Always have happy and safe travels and be nice to the locals! Don’t be a tourist jerk! And as I like to say:
Look Good Travel Well!

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  1. Paul

    Great post. Extensive list of clothes that you are packing for your trip. Will be interesting to see if you can fit it all in your allocated baggage while staying under the 60lb limit (I think that’s the max weight) that the airlines impose.


      Hi Paul! Thank you! Yes I agree, it is extensive but not at the same time. Women like to pack a lot, so in actuality this isn’t that much and it’s all interchangeable. We need to have a fashion planned guide when packing otherwise we want to pack everything! Also, it should be fine on weight. If it feels over, one can always take away a pair of shoes. I advise bringing the heaviest jacket and sweater on the carry on! Thanks for your feedback!

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