Top 3 CBD Oil MLM Opportunities for 2018

Top 3 CBD Oil MLM Opportunites for 2018: Get in on the Green Rush!

Is it legal? Yes!

First off, the CBD oil opportunity train is just starting. Now is the time to get in on this ground floor industry. CBD oil has only been legal since the 2014 Farm Bill was signed, stating that CBD extracted from Hemp Seed Oil with less than 0.3% THC by dry weight is legal in all 50 states.

Why is CBD oil the next new thing for the MLM industry? 

One of the main stats that floored me when I was looking into this industry is the projected fact that by 2020, CBD oil sales are expected to hit the $7.1 billion mark. This means that there is a HUGE demand for this product. Again back to the why? BECAUSE of it’s medicinal and healing qualities that are being DISCOVERED daily! Although no medical claims are outright being supported in this article (except how it has personally helped me), studies have shown that CBD oil DOES support the claims people are making in how CBD oil has helped them with the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety/Depression/PTSD
  • MS
  • Cigarette Addiction/Drug Addiction
  • Fighting Cancer 
  • Diabetes
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Migraines
  • Asthma 
  • IBD

*I personally struggle with inflammation, insomnia.

Also, the ease of entry to get started as an affiliate in this industry is easy with little to no overhead.

The top 3 for 2018

The first on the CDB Oil MLM Scene, Kannaway started back in 2014 after the Farm bill passed, legalizing CBD oil. To be an affiliate:

  1. There is a $54.98 annual fee which includes your website and training tools.
  2. As with many direct marketing companies, there are several different compensation plans and they are a bit confusing but they seem generous.
  3. Their CBD oil is non-GMO but doesn’t say anywhere that it is organic. Their oils are quite pricey starting at $79 and going past $400.

MY MAIN QUESTION WHEN LOOKING AT THESE COMPANIES, IS THEIR CBD OIL ORGANIC? This is very important to me. I’m not seeing claims from Kannaway that they have organic CBD oil but they do state that they are non-GMO.

A newer company on the market and one that is receiving a lot of attention lately is Prime my Body. Prime My Body is branding their CBD oil as ‘high-quality, nano-enhanced CBD oil’ which claims a higher absorption rate.

To be an affiliate:

  1. There is a $39 annual fee.
  2. Their hemp/CBD oil starts at $149 for one nano-enhanced bottle, which seems very pricey.
  3. Their oil is not organic and instead states that organic certification programs for hemp oil do not exist within the USDA. They do say that their CBD oil is non-GMO.

Finally, My Daily Choice HempWoris a hot company right now, experiencing exponential growth and it happens to be the company that I am involved with. I have been tremendously happy with my decision to join MDC for the following reasons:

  1. My daily inflammation that I have normally woken up to over the past few years has almost diminished and my insomnia has decreased tenfold (this is another topic that will later be addressed).
  2. It is Non-GMO and 100% organically grown and harvested in Kentucky.
  3. Their manufacturing facility is FDA approved.
  4. Not only can Hempworx CBD oil be sold in all 50 states but it can be sold internationally.
  5. Hempworx CBD oil is made preserving its cleanest and purest form done with Co2 extraction to experience the most medicinal benefits.
  6. The price of Hempworx CBD oil is very reasonable at their basic 500 mg bottle priced at $69 and I believe this is due to the fact that they are a 100% debt free company.
  7. This is my favorite part of the business side and I have seen no other company do this: To become an associate there is a ONE TIME ONLY activation fee of $20. This will give you all the backend tools to run your own business plus a variety of website landing pages you can always use. Plus Hempworx automatically starts to build one of your legs for you! To see this in action, click the link below to take the tour. It’s free! See how incredible this win-win company is! Thanks for reading and Happy New Year 2018! Many blessings to you!







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