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10 Best Boutique Hotels in Sicily | 2018


Oh Sicily How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

When I was a graduate student back in Paris in 1998, my girlfriends and I took three girl trips to Sicily every chance we got. Out of all the places to go on our holidays, we kept going back to Sicily. Why? Because it is one of the most magical places on earth. We stayed in Taormina every time. A beautiful, picaresque seaside village perched high up on the cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean in eastern Sicily. Every cool word you can think of applies to Taormina: hip, chic, jetsetter, sartorial, quaint, aesthetic, delicious, amorous, lux and beyond.  Sicily is a gem in so many ways. Your eyes will be mesmerized by its natural beauty, its stunning people and its architecture. Your tastebuds will be in heaven over its food and wine. Mostly, your overall experience there will change your life.  Once there, you will feel time suddenly stand still and everything is beautiful including yourself. All inner strife is gone, and paradise begins. Sicilians are very proud of their ‘island’, and will continuously be of the utmost host to you (go with it- you will have the best time in doing so- my stories of the amazing hospitality we received are endless)- it’s how they are. Don’t be surprised when they fiercely explain to you with loving eyes, how they are more Sicilian than Italian. On that note, this post is devoted to the best places to stay in one of my favorite places. My handpicked list of delicious boutique hotels, villas and inns to be a guest in while you are visiting one of the most exquisite places in the world…. Sicilia aka Sicily.

Because it’s all about where you rest your head at night, an intrinsic ingredient to make for the perfect vacation. The art of finding that perfect bed pillow with that perfect view, and let’s not forget the perfect companion to go with!

Note: all hotels span from the eastern side of Sicily where you will find Taormina  – to the mid southern coastal town of Agrigento. This small corner radius of the island encompasses a treasure chest of outstanding places to stay that will enhance and enchant your trip beyond your wildest dreams. Such is Sicily.  



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1. The Ashbee Hotel

Location: Viale S. Pancrazio, 46, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

A 5 star luxury boutique hotel.

25 rooms293878322938743529431506 2943158719152364

2. Hotel Villa Carlotta Taormina

Location: Via Luigi Pirandello, 81, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy

A 4 star luxury boutique hotel.

23 rooms168977351689877316895491 16897424 16898141

3. Monaci delle Terre Nerre

Location: Via Monaci sn, 95019 Zafferana Etnea CT, Italy

A lux boutique farm villa hotel set on an organic farm.

6 rooms267094098596538 29021754 961953129018113

4. Boutique Hotel Donna Carmela

Location: Contrada Grotte, 5, Carruba, Riposto CT, Italy

A small luxury boutique hotel.

26 rooms626629806266299864570078 62980680 62980678

5. Anime A Sud  Casa Kimiyà

Location: Via Santa Lucia, 97015 Modica RG, Italy

A self catering boutique vacation home. 28381886 2838174728381655 2838176828381656

6. Seven Rooms Villadorata

Location: Via C. Benso di Cavour, 53, 96017 Noto SR, Italy

A luxury boutique B&B.

7 rooms (not surprising there :)).186033251860274518602811 1860285037469981

7. Country House Villadorata

Location: Via Cavour 53, 96017 Noto, Italy

A lux B&B boutique inn.

8 rooms5034916950347454 50349566 5034986750350031

8. Hotel Villa Athena

Location: Via Passeggiata Archeologica, 33, 92100 Agrigento AG, Italy

A 5 star lux boutique hotel.

27 rooms

38475325 38475664 38475360 38466523 38475860

9. NH Collection Taormina

Location: Via Circonvallazione, 11, Taormina ME, Italy

A 5 star lux boutique hotel.

63 rooms4672499546724977 46724971 60487623 46725006

10. Zash Boutique Hotel

Location: Via strada provinciale 2/I-II n. 60, 95018 Archi, Riposto CT, Italy

A lux boutique country hotel.

9 rooms17891092 19446970 19953442 19953584 63475483

Go to Sicily and experience la dolce Vita- because Sicilians really do, do it best! When in Rome, I mean when in Sicily! xo from The Dolce Hunter, ~Roaming the World in Style~




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